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Politics in Healing__ by Daniel Haley

CODE: 1102

List price: $16.95

Our price : $9.95

You save: $7.00 (41%)
[this product is electronically distributed]

A former New York State Assemblyman who has spent a lifetime studying health and healing in America, Dan is a man uniquely able to tell the story of the damage greed and political influence has wrought on our nation's healthcare alternatives. 

Dan has just completed and published a book written in clear and easy to follow language chronicling ten separate, well researched stories that will both shock and alarm you. 

Dan's working title has undergone various changes over the several years of the book's preparation, ranging from "Politics in Cancer" to "The Terrible Truth about Politics in Cancer" and finally settling on "Politics in Healing: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine." 

465 Pages


The Cure For All Diseases__by Hulda Clark

CODE: 1100

List price: $19.95

Our price : $9.95

You save: $10.00 (50%)
[this product is electronically distributed]

 This book describes the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and gives specific instructions for their cure. The most promising discovery in this book is the effectiveness of electricity to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites.  420 pages