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Bone Reunion

Bone reunion

Bone Changes Due to Pulses of Direct Electric Microcurrent

Richez, Chamay and Bieler, U. of Geneva:Virchows Arch. Abt. A Path Anat. 357, 11-18 (1972)

Summary: 26 rabbits had platinum electrodes surgically implanted into the medullary cavities of their humerus bones. Microcurrent stimulation was applied at 50 and 250 uA, allowing pause periods of one second between one second treatment bursts. The scientists found that osteogenesis (bone growth) happened more around the cathode (negative polarity), and that slight tissue necrosis occurred around the anode. The tissues stimulated acted as capacitors, discharging 75% of the current absorbed during the rest periods. They concluded that pulsed current is superior to direct current for bone healing acceleration.

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