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Coping with Pain
Coping with Pain

P ain is an unfortunate fact of life for many people. Medications, balms and salves can help, but don't discount the power of your own mind to relieve pain and ease suffering. Clinical psychologist offer these techniques to cope with pain quickly, wherever you happen to be.

Redirect your thoughts. Steer them to maximize short- and long-term pleasure... minimize short- and long-term pain. "I will go to the gym and work out for half an hour. I won't be ruled by pain."

Instruct yourself to think and behave in a functional way. "I will take a walk to increase the circulation of blood in my legs, bring oxygen to my tissues and lift my mood."

Decatastrophize. Reframe your pain as less terrible than it feels. "I've been here before. I'm in charge. I can handle it."

Distort your perception of pain. Use your imagination to transform your experience of how pain feels. Shift your attention to sensations, thoughts or feelings that are easier to cope with. Let these new thoughts generate sensations that oppose the pain.

Example: When pain strikes, imagine that one of your hands is immersed in ice water. Concentrate on telling your hand to become totally numb. Then place your hand on the part of your body that hurts most. Imagine the numbness flowing into the part of your body that needs pain relief. If you can't reach that place, such as your back, put your hand on your stomach and let the cold flow through your body to your back.

Distract yourself. Refuse to pay attention to the pain. Ignore it like an annoying car alarm. Shift your attention elsewhere. Tell yourself, "I will concentrate on the sensation of rubbing my fingers together... focus attention on my breathing... squeeze my tension into a fist, then relax my hand and let the tension fly out."

Study the pain sensations as if they were separate from you. Tell yourself, "No pain lasts forever." The pain may still be there, but the suffering will be less.

Eliminate Pain with
Soothanol X2

You see, each tiny drop of Soothanol X2 is a microscopic world of wonders. Packed with literally trillions of complex organic molecules, all working together in elegant synergy. These include...

Stage #1. DMSO: The astonishing 'key' that unlocks the doors of healing. Every rub-on needs a solvent to blend and carry the other ingredients -- unleashing their natural powers. And I've never heard of a natural substance that even comes close to DMSO. As you saw on the previous page, DMSO may multiply chemical reactions 'a billionfold.' So you only need a drop or two of Soothanol X2 to feel incredible results.

Stage #2. EMU OIL: The super-absorbent 'wonder from down under.' Back when T-Rex walked the earth, the odd-looking emu was already thriving -- and Australian aborigines have been using emu oil to rub away hurts for thousands of years. Lately, NBA teams have been discovering its powers. Players swear it has an uncanny effect on pain associated with swelling. We scientists are just beginning to puzzle out the reason why, but it's clear that emu oil is absorbed incredibly effectively.

Stage #3. ORANGE PEEL EXTRACT: That's what I said! To be sure, this is no ordinary extract, but pH-balanced limonene oil. It feels soothing to your skin and smells wonderfully refreshing. Importantly, researcher Jon Barron found that limonene oil has an especially dense electromagnetic field. Concentrating Soothanol X2's powers even more.

Stage #4. VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Ancient secret of hurting gladiators. It was also used by ancient Olympic athletes to relax their aching bodies. Modern biochemists tell us that olive oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, T-BARS (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances) and literally dozens of other nurturing compounds. Together, they form an ideal emolient -- softening the skin, contributing to Soothanol X2's silky texture, and helping the other transporters do their work.

So that's how Soothanol X2 gets down to pain-points you thought were unreachable. Like a four-stage rocket, it delivers relief where nothing went before. Now let's take a look at what happens after it hits your skin. You see, this 'pain-relief rocket'(tm) delivers...

Nothing else even comes close. Common lotions or creams may contain one or two of these compounds. But Soothanol X2 delivers a dozen natural miracles in every drop, including...

CAYENNE: The fiery pepper that makes pain 'burn out'. Native Americans have used cayenne for at least 9,000 years. For good reason! Know the expression 'fight fire with fire'? Well, cayenne helps to 'burn up' a chemical in your body called 'substance P' -- a compound that carries pain messages to your brain. The cayenne in Soothanol X2 may warm and tingle your skin for bit. But soon these sensations vanish, along with your pain!

MENTHOL: Nature's proven arthritis 'pain cooler'. Know how peppermint gum cools your mouth? That's the effect of a compound called menthol. And it's been shown to be among the most effective pain-relievers for osteoarthritis -- in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology and the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. If it can even soothe arthritis pain, just think what it can do for those occasional strains, bumps and bruises!

ST. JOHN'S WORT: You thought it was just an antidepressant, but... did you know St. John's Wort was used by battlefield physicians back in ancient Rome? Yes! They used it to hasten the healing process for gruesome war wounds and traumas. Ever since, for thousands of years, natural healers have used it to treat everything from injuries and bruises to bursitis and even phantom limb pain.

MSM: The 'miracle molecule' for healthy joints. There's a good reason why MSM is included in so many joint support pills. Thousands credit it with delivering relief, and it may also promote healthy circulation, so nutrients can rush in to mend the injured area. Now, thanks to Jon Barron's 4-stage 'transporter,' you can apply MSM directly to your pain site!

ARNICA: European herbalists say it's awesome for speeding up the healing of sprains and muscle strains. Preliminary research shows that it also helps bruises heal faster. The Soothanol X2 delivery system launches it onto your hurting back, neck or ankles. Even if you've tried arnica all by itself before, wait 'til you feel the difference! This is just some of the stuff that's working for you in every drop of Soothanol X2. The total effect must be felt to be believed. Everything works together to 'short circuit' your pain at the source. As a user myself, I can tell you it's an uncanny feeling. It's almost like your fingertips have turned into a pain-erasing wand. First you feel a little tingle and then...


To read more about Soothanol X2

Electronic Pain Reduction

Data collection study, FSM Microcurrent Therapy Lynn A. Wallace, PT (1990)


94% of the 1531 patients experienced a reduction in pain during the first treatment.
No side effects or increase in symptoms were reported. The overall results were remarkably similar when comparing the first 200 / 400 and 800 cases to the final total of 1531 cases.
Pain reduction occurring after the patient left the clinic was not recorded as pain reduction during treatment.
Patients who discontinued their treatments after significant progress (i.e. pain decrease from 10 to 3) but, before reaching a pain free state, were recorded as failures.

Similarly, patients whose treatment was discontinued by their physician before reaching a pain free state were recorded as failures.
96% response in pain relief.
88% pain free within 10 treatments.
12 types of acute injuries tested, average pain free = 4 treatments.
Acute radiating cervical pain, average pain free = 3.5 treatments.
Acute lower back pain, average pain free = 4.5 treatments

The following list of criteria was followed:


Patients were asked to rate their pain on a subjective pain scale (0 to 10, with 10 being unbearable pain).
Decreases in pain that were achieved after patients left the clinic were not included.
Biphasic current was used almost exclusively (negative current was used on selected cases with referred spinal pain).
Electrode probes and pads were used.
Daily treatment was encouraged, therefore, the total treatments rendered represent approximately that many days of treatment.
Medication was not altered.
No other modalities (heat, ice, electricity, or mechanical traction) were used.
Instructions such as positioning and avoidance were presented during the first treatment.
Worker's Compensation Injuries Study (283 patients)


Control group on conventional therapy (hot, cold packs, massage) avg. # of treatments for back to work =20.7
Microcurrent only: avg. # of treatments for back to work =8.7
Microcurrent and conventional therapy: avg. # of treatments back to work =8.6
Result: 237 % accelerated healing response.


Research has shown that pulsed electronic stimulation at specific frequencies (FSM) and very subtle intensity levels (less than 400ua) has the ability to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main energy fuel essential for cellular regeneration and healing. Higher stimulation intensities such as those required to cause muscle contraction and temporary pain blocking with conventional TENS Units actually decrease ATP production.

For the Best Electrotherapy System for Pain

FDA Cleared
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