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HomeEdema and Swelling Reduction  
Edema and Swelling Reduction

Edema and Swelling Reduction

Reduction with Subcontraction High-Voltage Stimulation (SC-HVS):

1. Restricts leakage of flourescien labeled dextran from the microvasculature by decreasing permeability to proteins. (Reed B, 1988), (Bettany JA, 1990)

2. When microcurrent is applied to traumatized tissue, charged proteins are put into motion and migration into the lymphatic channels is accelerated. The lymphatic channels osmotic pressure is thereby increased, hastening the absorption of fluid from the interstitial space. (Alon G, Domenico G., 1987)

3. The movement of charged proteins into the lymphatic channels is accentuated and the contraction of lymphatic smooth muscle is enhanced. Fluid drawn into the vessels by the oncotic force of albumin labeled with blue dye distended the lumen of the lymphatic vessel and caused a subsequent increase in the rate of lymphatic contraction. (Cook HA & Assoc., 1994)


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