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The most advanced and effective
harmonic vibrational energy technology available!

Electro medicine, or the use of electrical modalities to treat physical ailments, is considered one of the oldest and most documented sciences known. Medical professionals of ancient Greece learned that the electrical impulses emitted from electric eels in clinical foot baths relieved pain and produced a favorable influence on the blood circulation. Doctors Largus and Dioscorides (cc 46 AD) documented substantial therapeutic results with electrical currents in circulatory disorders and in the   management of pain from neuralgia, headache, and arthritis.
In the 1700s, European physicians used controlled electrical currents from electrostatic generators almost exclusively for numerous medical problems involving pain and circulatory dysfunction. During that period, Benjamin Franklin also documented pain relief by using electrical currents for "frozen shoulder".

Particle Regeneration is based on a principle embodying an arrangement, or correct order of events, which when applied will lead to re-impressing of the vital living particles that permeate all life and govern and regulate growth or decay. This living particle, discovered in 1864 by Professor Antoine Bechamp, was named the "Microzyma", meaning little body or small ferment. He found it to be physiologically imperishable. It lives on and returns to the soil it came from when our bodies die. It has the ability to adapt to any circumstance while maintaining its purpose: to enhance and produce life, whether for the host or for itself.
Bechamp stated that the Microzyma was thoroughly impressionable, or the thing living is an organism capable of an impression. He went on to say the cells of the body can be destroyed and die, but the Microzyma, being perpetually alive, only changes. This is because the Microzyma is the vital unit of created life and endowed with the amazing ability to create its own environment for survival. His findings are described fully in his book "Sange" (The Blood).

Professor Bechamp's theories were verified just over 100 years later by Gaston Naessens, a French scientist in Quebec, Canada. A book written by Christofer Bird tells the story about Gaston Naessens work and the development of his powerful microscope. The microscope was able to view and photograph this cycle of particle regeneration and degeneration as postulated by Bechamp in the year of 1864.

By 1910, approximately 50% of all U.S. physicians used electro medicine in their practice daily. Unfortunately for the science, an incorrect and unfair report emerged at this time. This report, produced by powerful special interest groups, discredited the value of both electro medicine and nutrition in medical practice. With fear of condemnation from certain medical institutions that were funded by these special interest groups, almost all American physicians, being politically and financially influenced, abandoned electro medicine and nutrition from their practices. Although nutrition has in recent years re-established itself as a credible medical discipline in the U.S., electro medicine continues to face both the same special interest groups and the widespread prevailing misconceptions about the science.

 As a consequence of this occurrence in the United States, most electro medical treatments or electrical stimulation therapies were developed in Europe, accepted by the medical establishment there, and transferred in varying degrees of speed and acceptance to the U.S. Today, hundreds of doctors and medical researchers worldwide are investigating electro medicine as both an effective alternative to traditional methods of treatment and an avenue for discovering new possibilities for treating conditions such as spinal cord injury, muscular restoration, nerve regeneration, brain stimulation, bladder disorders, heart disease, tumors, and other chronic catastrophic diseases and disorders.

There is an order of events is known as the "EON" principle, consisting of three simultaneous  factors that "will" a healthy impression of the living particle - the "Microzyma":

  1. Electricity - frequencies of harmonic light and sound.
  2. Oxygenation - baths, controlled deep breathing, infusions, oxygenated drinks.
  3. Nutrition - mostly fresh food and some natural supplements.

The PHOTON HARMONIZER provides the harmonic frequencies that move lymphatic fluids and other fluids of the body. The unique frequencies and electromagnetic energies correct the electrical imbalances in the body and produce positive electrical and energetic imprints to the living organism called the "Microzyma". It also allows the user to experiment with frequency technology that is far superior to the pad type devices or limited frequency plasma tube devices previously available.  With the simple addition of a common portable CD player, the PHOTON HARMONIZER utlizers external, pre-recorded frequency sets that are of specific durations and frequencies taken from current CAFL frequency lists. Just pick the appropriate CD for the health challenge that you are dealing with and play the music directly into your tissue that your cells want to hear!

It is now widely accepted and understood that all life is governed by electromagnetic fields that interact precisely with each other. Each of us is a energetic universe unto ourselves. Within that universe lie infinite fields of force that are constantly being influenced, changed, and continually fluctuating. Human beings speak of being impressed or making an impression, little realizing that this is much more than an emotional response. It is a physical and energetic fact.

Our lives are governed by impressions: those we give and those we receive and process, or fail to process properly. When we receive and fail to process out bad, harmful, or negative impressions, our energy field undergoes a change for the worst and detrimental, negative forces are unleashed, undermining the harmony and balance of our body and well-being. If this goes unchecked and uncorrected, or is compounded, disease conditions will ensue.
Professor Bechamp also stated that immunity or susceptibility is the capacity of the living organism to resist a detrimental or negative impression, whether from external or internal causes or agents.  It is the influence of the internal or external causes or agents that produce the order of events which produce the physiological impression on the living cells and the life particle, the "Microzyma".

Since the "Microzymas" are capable of an impression or imprint, they create in our systems either an environment of health, which provides for our well-being and ultimate health, or with improper and negative impressions, a destructive order of events that does not allow the cells to survive, thus causing disease and decay in the body. When the degenerative cycle commences, all manner of illness can ensue ranging from fatigue to cancer.
"...during the 1990's, three Nobel laureates in medicine, advanced research that revealed the primary function of DNA lies not in the protein synthesis, as was widely believed for the past century, but in electromagnetic energy reception and transmission.  Less than three percent of DNA's fuction involves protein manufacture; more than ninety percent functions in the realm of bioacoustic and bioelectric signaling."  Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

According to the biophoton theory developed on the tail of these discoveries, the biophoton light is stored in the cells of the organism - more precisely, in the DNA molecules of their nuclei - and a dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA may connect cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as the organism's main communication network and as the principal regulating instance for all life processes. The processes of morphogenesis, growth, differentiation and regeneration are also explained by the structuring and regulating activity of the coherent biophoton field. The holographic biophoton field of the brain and the nervous system, and maybe even that of the whole organism, may also be basis of memory and other phenomena of consciousness, as postulated by neurophysiologist Karl Pribram an others.

The consciousness-like coherence properties of the biophoton field are closely related to its base in the properties of the physical vacuum and indicate its possible role as an interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness. (“Biophotons - The Light in Our Cells”, Marco Bischof, Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt.; Publication date: March 1995) Dr. Tiina Karu, Ph.D., with the Laser Technology Center in Russia, and affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley, has researched the effects of light on the cell since the 1980's. She has found that there are photo-receptors at the molecular - cellular level which, when triggered, activate a number of biological reactions: DNA / RNA synthesis, increase cAMP levels, protein and collagen synthesis, and cellular proliferation. The result is rapid regeneration, normalization and healing of damaged cellular tissue. In essence, light is a trigger for the rearrangement of cellular metabolism.

There are many frequency generators and frequency specific microcurrent devices on the market, some of them have so many features and appear to cover a broad hertz range, however, there is something all the other products fail to mention: THEY ONLY HAVE HALF THE POWER OF THE PHOTON HARMONIZER!  What we have found in our research is that the extended hertz range is only as effective as the power that is broadcasting it.  Besides, 99% of all health imbalances usually only require hertz up to 10,000 anyway. Further, the PHOTON HARMONIZER produces ozone that permeates and oxygenates tissue: the combination of custom frequencies music, light, color, high voltage microcurrent and ozonation work together to produce results never before seen!

Honestly, the PHOTON HARMONIZER IS LIKE TEN MACHINES IN ONE!  We have spent 30 years searching out and studying with the best practitioners in the USA and locating the best technologies ane remedies in the world. What we discovered is that trying to buy all of the technologies needed for what we are facing with our "high-tech" illnesses CAN GET VERY EXPENSIVE!! That is why we developed the PHOTON HARMONIZER, to solve a multiplicity of issues IN ONE SINGLE DEVICE for a FRACTION OF THE COST OF BUYING ALL THE TECHOLOGIES FOUND IN THE PHOTON HARMONIZER! 


  • This Instrument utilizes Inert or Noble gases contained in special hand blown glass tubes evacuated of air and filled with combinations of 80% Argon and 20% Neon gasses. 
  • The Instrument is contained in a plastic enclosure, 10" wide by 7.5" deep by 3.5" high.
  • The included power adapter is universal and will work anywhere in the world.
  • Two glass Photon tubes, a CD stereo phone cable and a rugged carrying case are furnished with each unit. The glass tubes’ cords are attached to customized High Voltage plugs and the mating connectors are located on the front panel of the Instrument. 


The PHOTON HARMONIZER utilizes Noble Gas Tube Technology. Inert or Noble gases contained in round glass tubes that are evacuated of air and filled, under pressure, with 80% Argon and 20% Neon gases. Unlike some similar but frequency limited instruments that are available, the PHOTON HARMONIZER tubes do not contain any mercury which some believe can give off harmful frequencies. Mercury vapor is often used to make the tubes easier to light and also makes them brighter. The brightness does not affect the results of using this subtle energy technology. A high voltage at low current ionizes the inert, noble gases to a Plasma state. This high voltage will overcome the insulation of the glass and impinge the frequencies and energy upon the skin of the person using the equipment. The high voltage energy is produced by an electronic circuit that derives the energy by means of a pulse repetition rate in the audio spectrum. This pulse rate has been proven over a long period of time to be of benefit to the human body, as a form of bioavailable energy. The crystal referenced internal frequencies of 727, 787 and 880 hertz and the CD inputs at the rear of the instrument allow the user to utilize any frequency protocol desired with prerecorded durations and frequency sets. The instrument is contained in a plastic enclosure, 10 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches deep by 3 1/4 inches high. Two glass Photon Tubes with insulated handles, a CD adapter cable, a Universal Power Adapter and a ruggedized case are included with each unit.


The front panel contains the ON/OFF power switch and Output Level Adjust. Above the POWER ON/OFF switch is a red lamp that pulses at about one pulse per second to indicate the unit is on. If it fails to blink try a different power outlet. The High Voltage Connectors are not Banana Jacks and are now customized as shown in the top photograph. Extremely easy to use. Just turn it on and adjust the Output Level for comfort.

Another added benefit of the PHOTON HARMONIZER is the custom frequency CD option.  We can perform a frequency scan through our secure server via a hand cradle you can rent or purchase; generate a custom frequency music CD for you derived from bio-feedback from YOUR BODY, which you will have forever, that will address every aspect of your wellness: this is what we call a TUNE-UP!  We also have pre-recorded CD sets to support wellness efforts for a whole host of different conditions.  These CD’s basically harmonize the cells of your body with frequency specific music, color and light with the exact frequencies the body is craving to balance itself.  It is recommended to rescan for new frequencies every 6 weeks or so for those concentrating on tuning their body back up for total wellness.  




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