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All testimonials are from actual users of the Photon HARMONIZER

-Tamia said:

I had severe gum infections and was told by my dentist that I had to have all seven of my teeth with root canals pulled. I had the root canals done in Hungary when I was a just a teenager. The dentist tried antibiotics and nothing seemed to help until I found out a friend of mine, David had the Photon HARMONIZER. He let me try his for one week. I used the built in frequency for about one hour each day for one week. To my amazement by the middle of the week the pain went away and there was a great improvement.

The following week I went to my dentist to check on the situation. I told him about my previous week and the phenomenal results. He was quite skeptical and he checked my teeth and took x-rays to see if there were any changes. He was shocked to find out that all infection was completely gone and I no longer needed to have any teeth extracted.

I immediately purchased my own Photon HARMONIZER along with a complete set of CDs. This device is truly amazing and I don't know what I would do without it.

-Margaret said:

I have severe edema in my right leg and have massage daily to alleviate the swelling and toxic build up. I stumbled across the Photon HARMONIZER through a friend who had one and gave it a try. The first time I used it for about one hour without any CDs and the swelling was reduced by about one third. I continued using it for several weeks and the swelling is almost completely gone. I bought my own Photon HARMONIZER and now I just have one massage per week and am quite pleased with the results not to mention the time and money that I saved.

-Dr. Kurt said:

I treated a patient with edema of the right arm after having surgery. The arm was quite swollen and very painful to the patient. I used the Photon HARMONIZER for about one hour and I was quite astonished to see immediate reduction in the swelling. I treated the patient each day for the next week and the edema was completely gone.

-David said:

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I have been treated for this for about six years now and couldn't find relief. I purchased a Photon HARMONIZER and the appropriate CDs for these conditions and saw almost immediate improvement. I have much more energy and far less pain than I have had in years. I thank God for the Photon HARMONIZER and I don't know how I could live without it.

-Anna said:

I had severe gingivitis and was taking antibiotics for two weeks when I tried the Photon HARMONIZER that a friend had. I used it for an hour each day for two weeks as directed by my friend and the pain went away. I went to my dentist for a checkup and he couldn't believe his eyes. The infection was completely gone and he no longer was recommending surgery to correct the problem. I immediately purchased my own machine and have let several of my friends use it as well.

-Sharon said:

I have been using the Photon HARMONIZER in my Acupuncture and Massage business with great success. I have been placing the acupuncture needles on the appropriate meridians and stimulating the area at the same time with the Photon HARMONIZER. This has resulted in a tremendous improvement in the treatments of my patients. This has been so effective that I have purchased several more Photon HARMONIZERs and expanded my practice. I recommend the Photon HARMONIZER to anyone that wants to improve their health or that of their patients.

-John said:

I train and race horses and have been using the Photon HARMONIZER for about two and a half years now. I use it on them after they run to calm them down and flush their fluids. I also use it to help them with any injuries. This has enabled them to recover much faster and to heal quicker. I even used it on one of my jockies arm and it helped him quite a bit.

P.S. is 62 years old and said:

"My knee had been bothering me for 10 years. I was told by doctors that it was because of my weight and old age and that I would just have to deal with it. Walking more than 50 feet became almost impossible. I used the Photon Harmonizer for three hours in 30 minutes each and my knee never bothered me again!"

W.S. is 58 years old and said:

"I was told by several reputable surgeons that I needed back surgery. But, with the low success percentage and horror stories I had heard, I was determined not to get surgery. But, my life was a living hell: sometimes I would be in bed with my back for days. I tried the Photon Harmonizer and immediately experienced relief from pain and bought one. Every time my back hurts, I place the wands on my back and in 20 minutes my pain is gone! This machine has given me my life back. Plus, I have had amazing results against colds, flu, laryngitis and clogged lymph. This is one of the best things I have ever spent my money on!"

S.K. is 50 and said:

"I smashed my shin on a trailer hitch three times in a row and crushed the same place in my shin with visible bone destruction: the pain was excruciating and I could not walk. Bone infection started to develop in a few hours because I had an infected burn on that leg. The first time I injured the shin and I used the Photon Harmonizer for 45 minutes, I was able to walk. I used it again the next day about the same time and the swelling was almost gone. By the third day, there was a light bruise, no pain and no infection! Then, when I smashed the bone in the same location again two other times, I knew what to do and was able to speed up the healing time to only two days! I have never seen anything like it. I have also used it for skin infections when nothing else would work and saw resolution of a life-threatening infection in three days! I sleep with it in my hands when I go to sleep now and sleep like a log: really, my overall health has improved dramatically since I started using it regularly. It drains the lymph so quickly! I have knocked out a sore throat in 10 minutes! Whenever I have pain, I just put the wands on it and relief comes so fast! I have even used it to shut down a migraine by placing it all over my head and neck. This technology is like 10 machines in one and is without a doubt the best value in the energy medicine industry by thousands of dollars!"

M.S. is 65 years old and said:

"I had chronic viral and bacterial infections. The only way I was able to drop the viral load and bring the infections under control was to detox from the heavy metals and toxic chemicals I was loaded with and use the custom frequency CD's with my Photon Harmonizer: my healthcare practitioner was shocked when they saw how much progress I had made in such short time! They said they had never seen such results so quickly."

C.S. is 40 years old and said:

" I was poisoned by Chinese Drywall and lost my health and emotional wellbeing completely. While I was detoxing, my lymph kept getting backed up and swelling causing so much pain. I am a massage therapist and do lymph drainage massage and could not get my lymph to go down. I used the Photon Harmonizer one time for 30 minutes and my lymph completely drained!"

R.P. is 52 years old and said:

" I had been losing the battle with Lyme disease when I found the Photon Harmonizer. I cannot function without it: I try to use it everyday. Since I have used this technology, I have gotten out of bed and returned to work almost full time. I have been using the custom frequency CD's and just keep getting better and better. For the first time this year, I did not get the flu when everyone else had it. I also have a very bad back, so after work, I use it and instead of being frozen in one position, my pain leaves and I am fully functional after only a short treatment."

L.E. is 76 and said:

"I live a very pure life and eat a very pure diet. I have spent thousands of dollars on expensive facials and skin care products. The results I had using the Photon Harmonizer on my face were absolutely the most amazing so far: instantly my face flushed with circulation, plumped up like the flesh of a young person and everyone said I was radiant for days to come!"

B.J. is 78 and said:

" I had peripheral vascular disease and had lost the circulation in my lower legs, all the hair and most of the feeling. I was having difficulty walking and was told it would only get worse. I took all sorts of medications that just made me sick and nothing was helping. I used the Photon Harmonizer every day for 10 days. At the end of 10 days, my legs felt like they did 25 years ago! I even see hair growing back!"


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: For educational purposes only. The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. None of these statements are claiming cures and are purely the opinion of the individuals making them. Results may vary. Eating healthy, drinking pure water, getting sunshine-fresh air-exercise and a positive mental attitude are vital to the success of any health program. No results are guaranteed. None of the information herein should replace or alter the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Please consult with your physician before engaging in any health program or using any experimental energy technology.

Mandatory FDA Disclosure and warnings: The PHOTON HARMONIZER is not a substitute for medication or professional treatment. Do not use this equipment if you are Pregnant or have a Pacemaker or any other Heart Condition. This instrument is for experimental use only. The statements enclosed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. The product mentioned herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. We do not dispense medical advice, prescribe or diagnose illness. The user who undertakes responsible experimentation voluntarily accepts all responsibility for the application of the PHOTON HARMONIZER. Moreover, the user will not hold suppliers and/or associates or distributors responsible for any consequences, harmful or otherwise, that may occur as a result of the use of this product. If you are ill or have been diagnosed with any disease, please consult a medical doctor. The use of this technology should not replace any competent medical advice you are currently receiving. Our experiences have been that most people will use this technology while continuing to visit their usual/normal medical professionals. Individual results may vary and a holistic approach is necessary to achieve optimal results. Proper nutrition, drinking plenty of pure water along with detoxing and cleansing are recommended.