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Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear

Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear

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Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer 

Models -

  • KPE1304 - Comes in Black or White
  • KPE1304 with optional Kit (also referred to as KPE1304HG or KPE1305)

Twin Gear juicers are the primary choice of the serious juicing enthusiast.  This style juicer  provides -

  • A Masticating juicing (Triturating) process that preserves Nutrients & Enzymes
  • The most nutrient-rich juice available short of using a Press
  • Magnetic gears and juice container to help preserve juice longer
  • Bio-ceramic stainless steel technology for strength and durability
  • Flexibility, through accessories, to maximize juice output from a variety of produce
  • Ability to make nut butters, purees and frozen fruit sorbets

Twin Gear machines are excellent for wheatgrass and other grasses, Kale and other leafy greens, carrots, beets, cucumber, herbs, and many other fruits and vegetables.  

Operation -

Produce is squeezed between two closely aligned stainless steel magnetized gears (twin gears). The masticating 160 RPM speed reduces heat and preserves enzymes. Juice is collected in a BPA-Free container with magnets to help preserve juice quality.  Pulp is collected in a stainless steel container.  

Features -

  • Masticating low 160 rpm operation
  • Stainless Steel twin gears   
  • Closely aligned, powerful gears maximize juice output
  • Low heat output preserves enzymes and nutrients
  • Magnets within the gears preserve juice quality
  • Bio-ceramic technology provides strength and durability
  • 3 Screens and 2 Knobs help maximize output from a variety of produce
  • Most of the machine is built with recyclable materials.
  • Quiet operation producing only 60DB
  • Magnetic juice container helps preserve juice longer
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong, reliable motor for years of good service
What is Included -
  • KPE1304 Body and Motor
  • 1 Pair of stainless steel twin gears
  • Three screens
    • Standard screen for vegetables and wheat grass
    • Fruit screen (larger holes) for pulpy fruit
    • Crush screen (no holes) for nut butters, sorbets, etc. 
  • Two Juicing Knobs - Vegetable, Fruit
  • Two Tampers – plastic for fruit and wooden for vegetables
  • Magnetized one-liter juice collection cup
  • Stainless Steel pulp collection cup
  • Specially designed cleaning brush
  • Operations Manual and DVD

Specifications -

  • Dimensions -16" L x 8" W x 12" H
  • Chute Opening - 1.6”
  • Standing Weight - 14.2 lbs
  • Power - 11Volt; 60 Hz; 150W; 1.4 AMP
  • Warranty for Home Use  - Manufacturers 10 Year Warranty on Motor, 5 Year Warranty on Operational Parts, 30 Day Warranty on Non-Operational Parts

Optional Parts Kit:  Multi-Purpose Kit for KPE1304 and KPE1305 

The KPE1304 juices all of the produce mentioned in this MP-Kit description.  The Multi-Purpose Kit is for those who want additional flexibility and potentially increased production.  The Kit provides additional parts for juicing soft fruits, tomato, orange, pomegranate, grape, berries, watermelon and wheatgrass.  These nozzles potentially improve yield for softer fruits.  For wheatgrass, the  gears will potentially reduce foaming. 

The combination of the MP-Kit gears and nozzles can provide more functional pressure settings to achieve better results. 

The MP-Kit includes -

  • Stainless Steel MP Gears
  • Outlet for Juice and Pulp
  • Outlet Pasta and Noodle
  • 3  Screens -
    • Mesh Wheatgrass  
    • Soft Fruit  Outlets
    • Pasta and Noodle  
  • 4  Nozzle Pairings with openings for
    • Wheatgrass and Tomato
    • Small Pomegranate and Large Pomegranate
    • Watermelon and Orange Nozzle
    • Small Grape and Large Grape Nozzle

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